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SCUBA Diving

On Sunday, September 14, I, along with three other divers from Florida State University’s scuba club made two dives in Big Blue Spring off the Wacissa River.

Now this dive isn’t all fun and games: Accident Article

The phrase “getting there is half the fun” definitely applies to Big Blue Spring. Access is only by boat or canoe (easily rented), as the spring is about one mile downstream from the launch point. The river is very wide, making for a gentle current that is easy to paddle against for the return trip. The river is entirely spring-fed, so it is clear, and the landscape is unspoiled for the most part. Divers typically assemble their gear before leaving the launch point.

The turnoff to the spring is now easy to spot, since some of the more colorful locals felt compelled to suspend a huge American flag between some trees over the spring run. Diving is made easy by a small floating platform at the edge of the spring basin. Visibility before any diving activity is usually excellent, but the basin silts easily. The basin is 41 feet deep with steeply sloping sides. The vent is at the very bottom of the basin, covered by fallen trees. The cave is reportedly unstable and probably should be avoided.

One highlight of the Wacissa/Big Blue dive was the rope swing that was attached to a tree at the edge of the basin. Due to an injury, not only was the rope swing removed, but the tree itself was cut down to discourage anyone from installing another swing.

The Wacissa River is located in Jefferson County, about 20 minutes east of Tallahassee off Florida Hwy. 59. It is not a park operated by state, county, or municipal government, so access is free.