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SAT & ACT Get Extra Time Now

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Money – You will need to find and pay an psychiatrist, psychologist (PhD preferred), learning specialist in your area that are well known for handing out diagnosis like candy (or water). They love the money, you love the outcome.
  2. Time – Once you find the above little helper, you’ll need to schedule enough appointments to “establish” the need. Most of these “helpers” can find at least one problem with your kid, I promise!
  3. A willing participant – You child may not want to participate. Kids with extra time, in many school settings, must actually utilize the time. This is to say that your child, from the time they are branded, will be in class longer that their piers at test time. They may not like it as they see others fulfilling the requirement.
  4. A School that supports it – In the absolute best case, your kid goes to private school where the everyone’s on board. It’s like your kid stands out because they leave a test on time these days!
  5. The College Board to “Buy” it – Despite rumors the College Board is “tightening up” on extra time abuses, All you have to do when they call is reference the  American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA), be persistent, have your psych professional on the ready to field questions. The College Board has a no way to screen or defend your submission, they will push over like a Bozo the clown punching bag!

Here’s what you GET

  1. Extra time on everything! Every test at school! Every Paper due. You receive concessions on everything and if you don’t you have a legitimate claim to receive more more more!
  2. Thanks to the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA), your child cannot be labeled in any way! Your kids gets extra time on the SAT and ACT and NO ONE AT THE COLLEGE BOARD or UNIVERSITIES will ever know! That’s right, I’ll say it again, THEY WILL NEVER KNOW.
  3. Your kids gets to look back as they leave all those hard working kids in the dust. You know the ones studying their asses off to work within the SAT & ACT time frame to get their scores. The ones that have carefully curated with high school career instead of partying and goofing off! LOSERS! Sayonara suckers, I got into USC!

So why is this so terrific? Why should I do this for my child now while they’re in middle school? Why put them though all of this? THE SAT and THE ACT!

In today’s world of 1500+ SAT’s your child will need two things to win and get into the best possible school, a high SAT/ACT score and good grades. The grades are easy if your child attends one of MANY grade inflation centers across the US. I am speaking of schools. The trend these days to is inflate and curve so everyone achieves. In today’s world, getting a C is literally like failing a course in 1970/80. It’s that bad.

Publicly available data on the use of testing accommodations is limited. In the 2017 graduating class, the ACT reported, more than 102,000 students took the test with extended time. That was about 5 percent of all test takers. Normally, the test runs two hours and 55 minutes, not counting breaks or the optional essay-writing section.

Extensions vary. Some students get 50 percent more time; others get even more, over multiple days.

This piece is written in rage as I watch the College Board do nothing to fix a known abused loophole in an overall system that holds too much power for its own good. The College Board SAT and the ACT are fouled gauges offering little to Universities and Colleges in their quest for truth in their decision making process. So when they tell you that a University looks for differentiating markers, its because the traditional “numbers” (SAT/ACT Scoring) are now a corrupted baseless wasteland of nothing.


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